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My BHA and AHA seem to take care of …. Also, turmeric …TIFU by using turmeric on a face mask. turmeric mask? I recently tried applying a simple turmeric mask on my face to see if it would do anything for my eczema, and the results were spectacular! I was hoping to find more information/compare notes with others about the use of turmeric …Turmeric with enough yogurt, so that it's more of a yogurt mask than turmeric powder shouldn’t stain either. I didn’t think this was a bad idea at the time so I got myself some nice natural organic yogurt, turmeric …[Skin Concerns] Help! Turmeric face mask burned my face off. I wanted to do a "calming" face mask, and ended up with a blotchy, painful, red mess. I’m sure you know where this is going, my naive self was reading about how to reduce redness on my face and some guy was talking about using turmeric to reduce inflammation. I used about a tablespoon of turmeric mixed with an avocado, a banana and chamomile tea. Chemical exfoliation. S. Skin Concerns. i would use like 1/2 tsp (when i may similar masks, i just shake in a little turmeric I can never stop singing the praises of raw honey and turmeric masks. You also definitely have to take it off before it dries, as you say! That other post looked like it was too dry and left on too long. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, reduces redness, ultra hydrating and I spend less than $8 a month on the ingredients. I regularly use turmeric in masks and I deal with the staining in two ways: Massaging and rinsing my face with full fat milk/yoghurt afterwards

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