HACSI: What it does!

The Need for a community Service Organization

Hindu Americans in Washington Area have always been generous in supporting worthwhile causes to help the needy families, but until recently, bulk of their philanthropy was directed to educational and social welfare activities in India. However, there is a clear sign that members of the community are now increasingly taking interest in local community service activities such as feeding the needy, assisting the elderly and mentoring children from inner cities.The economic downturn in 2007-2009 led to a dramatic increase in the number of unemployed, accentuating the need for such community services.A few Hindu-American community organizations in the Washington area started pondering how best to organize themselves to provide such services.The arrival of 1750  Hindu refugees from Bhutan around the same time gave urgency for the formation  of HACSI.HACSI was formerly incorporated in 2009 in the state of Maryland.

Most of the refugees from Bhutan were unemployed with little knowledge of English and until they found jobs, they needed financial support for urgent items like obtaining driving permits for at least one member of each family, and a computer to enable school going students to do their homework.They were directed to appropriate social service departments to get health insurance.Health fairs were conducted periodically in collaboration with Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Lanham, MD. We mobilized few hundred volunteers to meet the needed assistance.The Hindu refugees from Bhutan are all well settled now in various Maryland and Virginia jurisdictions with reasonable employment.We still provide school supplies to the school going children.

HACSI’s Mission

HACSI’s mission is to facilitate Hindu Americans to provide Community,Charitable,Educational and Relief services.HACSI organized to provide food the needy, regardless of religious affiliations; and help Hindu American families in distress with financial and logistical needs particularly when the bread winner of the family encountered severe sickness and loss of employment.As far as possible HACSI will facilitate and partner with existing community organizations, coordinating and supplementing their efforts with volunteer and financial support.HACSI also provides direct community services to fill identified gaps.

During the last 10 years of existence,HACSI has registered impressive gains in respective of its core activities.It has brought together 1500 volunteers from 25+ different organizations/groups such as Temples,Social and Cultural Organizations and Religious groups, in the name of Hindu Community Services.Every year new volunteers and groups are joining HACSI in providing food for the needy.HACSI has extended its food for the needy program to Montgomery County, MD and Fairfax County,Virginia. HACSI is taking active role in helping Hindu families in distress particularly families facing unexpected illness and loss of employment.

In 2013 HACSI received two prestigious awards for its community service activities.In May 2013 IFC( Interfaith Council)awarded “Bridge Builders Award” to HACSI for its contribution to interfaith activities and community services.HACSI also received Social service award from National Federation of Indian American Associations in June 2013 for mobilizing the “Spirit of Giving”. In 2017 it received Social service Award from ICCC Organization.While HACSI does not expect any recognition for its services, the publicity surrounding the Awards encourage more Hindu Americans to take part in these social services activities.

HACSI’s Governance Structure

HACSI was incorporated on March 12, 2009 in the state of Maryland as a non-profit corporation.HACSI’s Articles of Incorporation provide for a Board of Directors not exceeding 17 members.The present Board consists of 13 members who have long experience of managing faith- based organizations.

Board of Directors

  • President

    Dr. Seetaramayya Nagula


    (703) 660-6734

  • Vice President

    Dr. K.N. Siva Subramanian

    (301) 983-9699

  • Secretary

    Raj Rajagopal


    (301) 983-6858

  • Treasurer

    Banu Ramakrishnan


    (301) 774-0314

  • Joint. Secretary

    Ram Mouli



  • Director

    Mihira Karra


    (703) 938-4863

  • Director

    Sasi Menon


    (301) 937-2697

  • Director

    Theo Meyyappan


    (443) 756-4466

  • Director

    Vasantha Narayan



  • Director

    K.G. Venkatraman


    (301) 646-1232

  • Director

    Dr. Hari Har Singh


    (301) 972-3944

  • Director

    Paripurnam Srinivasan


    (571) 332-5224

  • Director

    Nalini Umashankar


    (301) 774-7924


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