Food for the Needy is HACSI’s flagship program. Since 2007, even before HACSI was formally incorporated, volunteers of HACSI and nearly three dozen religious, cultural organizations affiliated with HACSI, have been preparing meals at the DC Central Kitchen, Washington D.C  between 24-30 times a year. Until recently, five thousand meals were being cooked  on each occasion; in other words, 120,000 meals annually. HACSI and its affiliates provided more than a million meals in 2007-2017 period. Due to changes in DCCK’s contractual commitments, the number of meals cooked in DCCK is  reduced in 2019 to 2,500.  Thus, the total meals cooked by HACSI and its affiliates would be around 62,500 in 2019.

By a happy coincidence, towards the end of 2018, HACSI  announced a plan to diversify geographically  its Food for the Needy activities.   Starting  January 2019,  HACSI volunteers took  over the responsibility of providing lunch to about 75 persons at Baileys Crossroads Community Hall in Northern Virginia,in partnership with New Hope Housing Organization . In March 2019,  HACSI  entered into a partnership with six “HELP” organizations in Montgomery County, which have been donating canned food to needy families for the last four to five decades. They are: BETHESDA HELPS; GAITHERSBURG HELPS; GERMANTOWN HELPS; OLNEY HELPS; ROCKVILLE HELPS; and WUMCO which covers western suburbs of Montgomery County. HACSI will create a network of volunteers to gather canned food items and deliver them to the pantries operated by these HELP organizations. This program in  Montgomery County started on a modest scale in May 2019. Based on the encouraging response in the initial months, it is expected to become an important component of HACSI’s Food for the Needy activity.

Since January 2019, HACSI volunteers have been providing lunch to the 60-70 residents of Bailey’s Crossroads community Hall in Falls Church, VA, in partnership with New Hope Housing Organization on the 2nd Sunday of each month.